Wow, Another Award! – The Versatile Blogger Award

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We are thrilled to have received the Versatile Blogger Award from fellow Canadian travel blogger, Teacher Ana from Thanks Ana!  Please check out her blog about her experiences as an English language teacher.

Similar to the Liebster Award, this blogging award is meant to showcase and encourage readership of blogs that we have enjoyed reading. It’s a great idea and we are happy to carry it forward. In the sea of blogs, especially travel blogs, it never ceases to surprise us that our posts get noticed at all, let alone getting nominated for awards like this! Especially amazing is the fact that our readership has moved beyond being obligingly followed by family and friends and has now reached out to some 65 countries! We are excited to have made connections with people all of the world and we are very impressed by the friendly, supportive and helpful comments we have received from the travel blogging community. What a wonderful group of people!

As we plan our travel adventure, many people have told us we are brave to leave everything behind for travel. They’ve commented on how they would be too scared to travel independently, and questioned if it’s safe, how will we know where to go and not go, and how can we go without maps, itineraries and all our hotels booked? But these people haven’t tapped into the best, up-to-date and reliable travel information out there – other travellers!  Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media give us access to travel tips from experienced travellers at our fingertips.

Travel still does cause one to rely on the kindness of strangers but with the Internet’s ability to connect us with other like-minded travellers in this virtual community, strangers aren’t really strangers any more. We have had so many invitations to visit, stay with or receive travel help/advice from other travellers in various areas of the world, it is likely that we can show up in any corner of the world and quickly learn from other travellers where to stay, what to see and which restaurants have the best cheap food. We feel rather spoiled in comparison to the intrepid wanderers who started doing this before the internet. They had to rely on strangers!

Many people complain about how the internet has replaced face to face communication and is isolating us from each other and there are instances in which this is certainly true but, when it comes to travelling and travel blogging, we would have never made the connections we have without this technology. Therefore, we are grateful for the internet, the blog world, fellow travellers who are also compelled to share their experiences through written words and photographs, those who read ours and so many others’ musings and to the many tools created to help us connect to other like-minded people such as this award!

Since this award is very similar to the Liebster Award in that one of the rules of accepting this award is to share 7 things about ourselves, we’re going to be a bit lazy here and link to our post for the Liebster Award. Sorry, just not feeling that creative….

To us, the more important part of this award is the opportunity to nominate blogs we’ve recently followed, many of them written by travel bloggers who have been so helpful to us, so here goes (in no particular order):


Please check them out and enjoy! And for the nominees, please pay this forward so more people can be introduced to the plethora of information and support out there.  Keep travelling and keep blogging!

Thanks for reading and following.  As always, we appreciate comments.

Updated August 16, 2013:  We would like to also thank for a second nomination of this award!  It’s so amazing to be noticed by other worthy bloggers, especially when it happens twice!!  Thanks, An American Abroad!  We definitely encourage a visit to her site.  It’s a great read and check out her other nominees while you’re at it!

5 thoughts on “Wow, Another Award! – The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination for a Versatile Blogger Award…I also love that it has come from a fellow Canadian blogger. Have enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to reading more!

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