Quick Update

Hello all. We realize we’ve been MIA for a few weeks now so we figured we should post an update. We have been too busy with our home renovation to do any new blogging but the ideas for future blog posts are swirling in our heads and as soon as the “FOR SALE” sign goes up on the house, we will get going on them.

The home reno is going slower than we had hoped but the house is starting to take shape. It’s been a challenging journey that has seen a lot of ups and downs with some disappointments and plenty of frustrations but we’re not disheartened. If anything, we’re more determined than ever to get on with our adventure. It has been surprising and rather disappointing as to how few family and friends have been able to help us out but the ones who have, have been amazing both in the work they’ve accomplished and the energy boost they’ve provided to us. It’s difficult not equate people’s willingness to help out with their level of support to our plans. This is not really fair; we know people are busy with their own lives. In some ways, knowing that others’ lives here in Canada will go on as usual while we’re gone, helps us say goodbye. We know that we will look at these daily routines that keep people so busy with new eyes as we experience day to day life in other parts of the world and time spent with family and friends will be limited and therefore a priority when we come back to Canada for a visit. In our experience, it’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder because we stop taking relationships for granted when they’re not always available. We will appreciate all aspects of Canadian life and these important relationships that much more once we’ve been on the road for awhile. We look forward to that aspect of travelling.

And in the end, no matter what, the work is getting done and soon the house will be up for sale. Once it is sold, we’ll have a closing date and the serious trip planning will start and then we’ll start blogging regularly again.

As always, thanks for reading and following and please, leave us a comment.  We love hearing from our readers.