The Beginning of our Island Adventures

TravellingMudskippers_LogoYesterday we left Nichada after a quick tour of Laura’s school (beautiful facilities – I would have loved to have gone to a school like that) and took an hour and a half flight down to Krabi on the Andaman Coast. Once we settled into our beautiful room at Phra Nang Inn, we went for walk down the beach with cameras in hand.
It was just before sunset and it felt surreal! I kept commenting to Al that we were walking in a postcard while snapping endless photos of the limestone karsts and colourfully painted longboats.Ao Nang - the postcard shot
Suddenly, I noticed people interacting with small furry creatures at the far end of the beach. MONKEYS! For those readers who know me well, you can well imagine that I was beside myself with excitement as we hurried down the beach. The monkeys had no fear of us and most were quite indifferent towards us once they saw we had no food for them.
Monkey Encounter Ao Nang
All except one. One little guy, seeming adolescent aged (based on the sizes represented), became quite fascinated with both Al and I and an Aussie couple who were also taking pictures of these wild but surprisingly habituated creatures. The photos and video capture one of those travel moments that make enduring 24 hour flights, the steady streams of pushy touts and the fear of Montezuma’s revenge worth every second! This little primate was well aware that we had no food to offer him and still chose to interact with us. As he sat on my arm making a quiet cooing noise, it felt both very real and magical all at the same time.